lunes, 12 de julio de 2010


Totalfat es una banda Japonesa con un sonido que varia entre el Punk, Hardcore Melodico y Pop Punk. Comenzaron en el 2000, tocando covers de bandas como NOFX, Slick Shoes, Millencolin y Ten Foot Pole.
Si bien la banda ha mantenido el sonido Pop Punk un tanto hostigante en otras bandas, Totalfat ha sabido mantener el sonido para no pasar a ser una de tantas bandas melosas de punk melodico.
Hace poco sacaron un nuevo disco llamado "Over Drive", recomendadaso.

Over Drive

01. Invention, Good morning, My treasures
02. Ryan, Don't Worry
03. Summer Frequence
04. Sacrifice
05. Ain't Gonna Kill
06. The Roundabout
07. The Wonderful World
08. In Your Hands
09. Predator
10. Bruised
11. Smile
12. Hide and Seek
13. One Last Time, I'll Try To Be With You
14. Overdrive


For Whom The Rock Rolls

01. Good Fight & Promise You
02. Just for What
03. The Kidnap Show
04. Dear My Empire
05. Highway Part. 2
06. Life Like Movies
07. Fall into Deep
08. The Adventure
09. Anthem of The Bedroom
10. I Wanna Make You Feel Alright
11. Over
12. Driving Force
13. Rainbow
14. Story Teller


All The Dreamer Light The Dream

01.Da na na
03.Starting new life
04.Trace back to the rads
05.Light a fire
06.Lonesome young, worst night
08.The days while been greenhorn
09.It's not just like love comedy
10.I'm not
11.The last moment


Hello & Good Night

01.Time to wake up
02.Show me your courage
03.Magic word
04.Rest in peace
05.Hello & Good night


Hard Rock Reviver

01.Daddy brother lover little boy
02.Can't stop lovin' you
03.Someday I'll be saturday night
04.Kickstart my heart
05.Shout it out loud
06.Ghost behind my eyes
08.More than words


Get It Better

01.Generations ever last
02.Not to retire
03.Remember the day
04.Feud over
05.Red & yellow leaves
06.Something wrong with me
07.You're all I need


End Of Introduction

01. Highway Goin'
02. Hope From 3rd Rated Life
03. One Box
04. Music For You
05. Nothing But
06. Plating Sky
07. Thinkin' About Our Way
08. Punkrock Am
09. Next Year
10. Perfect Song
11. After The Show
12. Shoes
13. I Follow You


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