viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2009

My Own Religion

My Own Religion aparece en el 2001 en Escocia, como parte de la explosion mundial de Crack Rock Steady. Tomando como referencia a bandas como Antimaniax, Choking Victim, Leftover Crack, Five Knuckle, Capdown, Misled Youth, INDK, No Ca$h, The Exploited, Against All Authority, War Against Reason, The Filaments, Anti-Flag, Union Jack, Mouthwash, Morning Glory, No Commercial Value, Dancehall Satan.
Se declaran anti-fascistas, anti-racistas, anti-sexistas, anti-homofobicos, anti-religion, y pro choice.
Inicialmente comenzaron produciendo un demo llamada "Honk if you love Satan".

Everyone Gets Fifteen Minutes

1.Hit The Ground
2.Latino Death Ska
3.Dead Kids
4.This Little Piggy
5.Officer Ism
6.Misled Truth

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God And The State Sessions

1. God and the State
2. Fat Cats
3. MFifteen Minutes of Shame
4. Now is the Time
5. The Witch Trials of Today
6. Let the Bigot Speak (and We Will Expose Them)

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Keepin' The Piece

01. Hit The Ground
02. Latino Death Ska
03.Think Back
04. Keepin the pace
05. Dead kids
06. Cure for The Reach
07. Nation
08. Tolerance

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Even The Score

1. Hit The Ground Running
2. Latino Death Ska
3. Cure For The Rich
4. Keepin' Tha Piece
5. Dead Kids
6. Think Back
7. Officerism
8. Masturbation Nation
9. Toleration

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Honk If You Love Satan

01. Cure for the rich
02. Dub
03. Gimme a beer
04. Hit the ground running
05. Latino Death Ska
06. Love Rocksteady
07. Masturbation Nation
08. My good friend jizzy likes to masturbate
09. Ode to an alky bitch!
10. Officerism

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