lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2009

Get Get Go

A verrrrrrrrrr, Get Get Go fue una banda norteamericana que edito un 7" y un demo en el 2002, y tambien un split con una banda de su vuelo.
Emo Violence demasiado extraño, muy crudo y dificilmente apreciable, en fin descarguenlo y obtengan sus propias conclusiones.

Get Get Go 7"

01. Sex is hot pink
02. Grow old and never change color
03. The slow number
04. The first emergency
05. Lets get poignant
06. Hey cupcake why don't you jump on the mustache tain

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Was It Domestic Demo

01. Crime scene photos for your aet school portfolio
02. Dead babies for the reason of getting into politics
03. Blood stains aren't so apparent on brown carpet
04. Was it domestic
05. Running over the comunity service worker doesn't make you a hero
06. Don't forget to thank your mom for packing your lunch
07. Heartattacks aren't recreation activities
08. Cowboy Jim Johnson
09.Fucking your momon still makes you a virgin
10. Breaking and entering for the sake of a goodnite kiss
11. Molestation in the eightth grade locker room
12. The go attack

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Get Get Go + Archeoptryx - Split

01. Get Get Go - Breakdown
02. Get Get Go - Breakup
03. Get Get Go - My job was to connect the dots
04. Get Get Go - If you live forever, you'd die of cancer anyways
05. Get Get Go - It's like having an estranged girlfrind in N. Iowa
06. Get Get Go - Fallen over and punched by summer
07. Get Get Go - Cheap thrills and platinum girls
08. Archeoptryx - 5 Ct
09. Archeoptryx - Nrc
10. Archeoptryx - 0
11. Archeoptryx - Parallelogram
12. Archeoptryx - 2 Ct

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