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Stuck Lucky

Stuck Lucky es una banda Norteamericana de Skacore, llevan en actividad casi 10 años. Skacore como me gusta: rapido, con mucha actividad de los intrumentos de vientos, sobretodo por que ayudan bastante a la atmosfera caotica y divertida.
Para quienes gusten de bandas como Suicide Machines, Link 80, Detonate, etc.


Possom Soul

01. ...And I Broke A Possom's Heart
02. Eternity So Bright, Gotta Wear Shades
03. If You Are What You Eat, Then I'll Be You By Tomorrow
04. Paint These Walls
05. D...D...D...Devastation
06. Officer Down
07. Deep Black Hole (pt.1)
08. You Are The Lightning In My Thunderstorm
09. Deep Black Hole (pt.2)
10. Unicorn Family Picnic
11. One Day I Won't Wake Up (And That Would Be Just Fine)
12. Babies In The River
13. Flight Of The Taco Monster
14. The Flies / Wake Up And Thrash
15. Dance Of A Thousand Switchblades

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Hate The Light Of Day

01. Intro
02. Fall of Rome
03. What You Do
04. El Vampiro
05. R.F.F.
06. Someone Just Like You
07. Adore, Admit, Admire
08. In Case You Come Home Now
09. Skankin' With A Handgun
10. Purgatory Prelude
11. In Purgatory
12. We Really Don't Care
13. Muy Loco
14. Bonus 1
15. Bonus 2

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01. Satans 32 Ford
02. Rock-a-Billy
03. Underground Integrity
04. Dirty Girl
05. Sorority Sweetheart
06. Smurfy
07. Butter and Bread
08. Frech Class
09. Radio Nazi
10. What I Get
11. Ska Fucker
12. H.D.P.
13. Little Time

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