miércoles, 12 de agosto de 2009

Dead And Divine

Ya, a ver no hay mucho que decir ... hahaha, tipica banda de Metalcore Americana, bueno ni tanto por algo me parecio interesante y lo publico en el blog.
Son canadienses y estan activos desde el 2003, lanzando primero un EP llamado "Her name was a tragedy" que no tiene mucho brillo, pero los discos que sucedieron a este cobran mayor importancia.


The Machines We Are

01.The Sugar Sickness
03.Chemical Valley
04.Neon Jesus
06.For Your Health
08.Mechanical Orchestra
09.Lovely Bones
10.Cassandra Syndrome

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The Fanciful

1. There Are Good Guys, Bad Guys, And Me
2. Nothing Is Fair In Love And War
3. Honest To God
4. Get Down With Your Bad Self
5. San Dimas
6. L
ike Wolves
7. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
8. Something I've Rehearsed
9. The Bronze Goddess

10. Professional Cinderella
11. To The Moon And Back

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What Really Happened at Lover's Lane

01. These are the sounds of passion
02. You Are Cordially Invited
03. Behold! A Night to Remember
04. It´s Not So Bad at the End of the World
05. Curiosity Killed The Cat
06. Third Times the Charm, Right?
07. Josephine, The Singer
08. Goodnight, Quiet City

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Her Name Was A Tragedy

01. Paiting with Knives& Gunshots
02. The Bloodiest of Valentines Days
03. So deadly, yet beautiful
04. Wrapped in red

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