martes, 21 de abril de 2009

Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space

The Bloodsucking Zombies from outer space es una banda Austriaca que basicamente se mueven dentro del psychobilly mas macabro lleno de melodias terrorificas zombies, canibales, monstruos, extraterrestres, es fin un exceso de peliculas Serie B seria su principal influencia, elementos de psychobilly y Horro punk, para quienes quieran simplificarlos Horrorbilly, aunque en muchos casos seria mas simple llevarlo todo al termino "horror punk con contrabajo".


Killer Klowns from outer space

1. Killer Klowns from outer space
2. Sweet Littel Succubus
3. King of the cannibals(new version)
4. Teenage Universal creature
5. Poison
6. Tear out the guts
7. Good 'Ol Ed

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Monster Mutant Boogie

01. Giant Spider
02. Cannibal Holocaust
03. Blood on Satans claw
04. Prom night
05. Monster Mutant Boogie
06. Lycanthrope
07. Wallow Queen
08. The gorgon
09. Legendary Jack
10. Sad Serenade
11. Heartbreaks and tragedies
12. Sweet love lobotomy
13. Technicolour terror
14. Blood surf

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A night at grand guignol

01. A Night At Grand Guignol
02. The Mummy's Shroud
03. Reign of Devils
04. Bucket of Blood
05. Pigblood-Blues
06. Princess Paranoia
07. Chopping Mall
08. A Deeper Shade of Red
09. Shocktoberfest
10. Dracula's Cadilac
11. If It Bleeds It's Good
12. A. H. C. L.
13. The Most Beautiful Corpse
14. Dead By Dawn
15. Me, Myself, and The Beast Within'
16. Trash Ballerina
17. Wizard of Gore

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See you at Disneyland

01. Attack from Planet Transilvania
02. Space Invaders
03. Moonlight Sonata
04. Teardrops In Hell
05. Die Earthling Die
06. King Of The Cannibals
07. Nightmare in a damaged Brain
08. Monsters in the Closet
09. Frankenstein created Women
10. Horray the Darkness
11. In the Morgue of Lucy Sanders
12. C#minor: the Suicide Waltz
13. Horrormovie Fan
14. Eaters of the Dead
15. Abra Cadaver
16. Who will survive?

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