domingo, 23 de mayo de 2010


Coalition Split

01. Forus - I Only Go To School For The Handrails
02. Forus - Under Stress
03. Forus - The Unlucky Number
04. Actionmen - Ram Das
05. Actionmen - Perinos
06. Actionmen - The Beast
07. Hero Of Our Time - Spare Some Change
08. Hero Of Our Time - I've Never Been Good At Saying Goodbye
09. Hero Of Our Time - The Army Of Carbon Copies
10. Play Attenchon - Back To Square One
11. Play Attenchon - Against The Wall
12. Play Attenchon - Insult To Injury


Aaron's Revolution

01. The Link
02. Every Second Is An Hour
03. Aaron
04. Welcome To The United Cigar
05. Watch Me Fall
06. Lifelong Sofa Ride


Start From Zero

01- Al Bundy, Our Hero
02- We, The Spongers
03- Hang On To Your Thong
04- Now


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thiob dijo...

Forus are not far from where I live and you know what's been told about them? I heard that they always cancel shows (last time, they cancelled the show 1 day before saying that they do not know how to play their songs). The other thing that I heard about Forus is that the recording session was done by some other guys which are good at technical punk: Forus don't know how to play their songs with their instruments. I'm NOT kidding.