domingo, 1 de noviembre de 2009

The Frogs

The Frog se una joven banda de Psychobilly Suiza, de momento han sacado un bonito disco llamado The Sick Demo Of The Frogs, trabajo en el cual plasman su aventura musical llena de multiples pasajes de psychobilly y neo rockabilly.
Me ha llamado la atencion su descripcion en el Myspace: Most frogs have a alcoholic lifestyle, but move
easily to nuclear area or psychobilly gigs by jumping or climbing. They
typically lay their eggs in beer, ponds, dead bodies or lakes, and their larvae,
called Kaulquappenkrew or Quapies, have gills and develop in water
as a murdering mass. Adult frogs follow a carnivorous diet, mostly of children,
aliens and leprechauns. Frogs are most noticeable by their scream,
which can be widely heard during the night or day, mainly when they are drunk.
Disfruten wapas!

The Sick Demo

1. Mouche à Miel
2. Revenge of the Frogs
3. Black Magic
4. Lick My Back
5. Golden Shower
6. Eibon

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